Art For Reparations

Art for Reparations Benefit Auction for the Black Power Blueprint

Art For Reparations (A4R) is a project of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization of white people created by and accountable to the African People's Socialist Party which organizes in the white community for reparations to African people. A4R challenges the parasitic white art world that has profited off of the labor, genius and resources of African people since the birth of colonialism and Europe’s assault on Africa. A4R offers white artists the opportunity to take responsibility for the parasitism of the gentrifying, colonial-capitalist art institutions and music industry by allowing us to use our creativity to forward the African revolution.

The Art For Reparations Benefit Auction for the Black Power Blueprint will take place Sunday, December 16th, 2018 in Somerville, MA. This silent auction will be an all-around celebration with music, food and art which will raise material resources to working-class African people, who are fighting for self-determination against white power imperial domination. It takes the idea that auctions were once used by white people to sell enslaved Africans to slave-master bidders, and flips it on it’s head to be that of reparations to African people. White artists who contribute their work to the A4R Auction choose to be on the side of material solidarity with the oppressed and colonized people of the world by paying reparations using our art and creativity.

Black Power Blueprint

The Black Power Blueprint is an economic development project by & for the working-class black community in St. Louis, MO. It is led by the brilliant Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela of the African People's Socialist Party, and in less than a year has already refurbished a 3-story community venue space and organizing center in the heart of the impoverished black community of St. Louis. The Black Power Blueprint is building rapidly to implement the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace; an Uhuru Jiko community & commercial kitchen; housing; community gardens and so much more amidst a backdrop of food deserts, gentrification, and painful lack of economic development in the black community. The Black Power Blueprint is the most positive project in the world!

It is with this beautiful future in mind why the Art For Reparations benefit auction must urgently take place in 2018, the first of an annual event. The Black Power Blueprint needs resources to continue growing throughout St. Louis and to other cities, actively fighting against the parasitic gentrification industry by putting power back in the hands of the working-class black community. We are calling on you to attend this powerful and very fun art auction & party, to submit your artwork or services to be sold, and to join the organizing committee to make this event the most progressive arts institution Boston has ever seen. All proceeds from the auction will go directly to fund the Black Power Blueprint and work of the African People's Socialist Party.

Find one-of-a-kind artworks and gifts at the hottest art auction in Boston from international artists across the world

Fight gentrification by empowering the working-class black community to control their own neighborhoods

Resist the parasitism of imperialist art and arts institutions by using your art as reparations

Dance, eat, socialize and celebrate this end-of-the-year party for a great cause